Welcome to The Waylyn Heart Team. We are a group of individuals who have decided to put our heart into helping our Community by creating grassroots solutions with neighbor collaboration


A neighbor helping neighbor grassroots 501c3 organization that provides individuals and families in the Dorchester Waylyn neighborhood (and other underrepresented communities) with a range of services to improve and uplift the community.”


Our vision is that the residents with whom we work will achieve healthy, creative, and empowered lives through the following: Increased homeownership, various education programs and access to resources to disseminate financial literacy, credit repair, food giveaways, forums, etc. Expose the children in the Dorchester Waylyn area to increased cultural programs, career paths, tutoring, mentoring and education prep. Advocate for parents and families in the Dorchester Waylyn area to navigate public education system and provide support to single parents.