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A neighbor helping neighbor grassroots 501c3 organization that provides individuals and families in the Dorchester Waylyn neighborhood (and other underrepresented communities) with a range of services to improve and uplift the community.”

The mission of Waylyn Heart Team (WHT) is to empower communities and families by providing high quality, well-managed, innovative services, including family support services, education, housing, economic development, and employment. The core belief of WHT is that families develop best in a community with a sense of order, positive social interaction, and opportunities supported by positive adults. WHT's cultural frameworks are clearly unique to human and social service providers in the Dorchester Waylyn neighborhood of North Charleston, SC. WHT capitalizes on the powerful role that cultural influences play within predominately African American communities.


Our vision is that the residents with whom we work will achieve healthy, creative, and empowered lives through the following:

Increased homeownership and decrease the threat of gentrification.

Various education programs and access to resources to disseminate financial literacy, credit repair, food giveaways, forums, etc.

End violent crimes on the streets by mentoring and teaching at-risk youth.

Expose the children in the Dorchester Waylyn area to increased cultural programs, career paths, tutoring, mentoring and education prep.

Advocate for parents and families in the Dorchester Waylyn area to navigate public education system and provide support to single parents.

Offer various workshops and programs that interest the residents of the Waylyn Dorchester neighborhood


WHT was started in the heart of the neighborhood on the porch of Shamekei Gray in the summer of 2020. While observing the neighborhood she lived and volunteered, she knew something needed to change and commented that to other local organizers (Erica Cokley, Jason Jones, and Elder Thomas Dixon). In August, Shamekei led a Community Youth Rally that focused on engaging kids by collaborating with different activists, leaders, and educators. One of those community organizers was a long term resident of Dorchester Waylyn, Dexter D. White

Incorporated and an official 501 (c)3 2021, WHT is proud to serve Dorchester Waylyn and surrounding underrepresented communities. Services have included the following: Past Events/Services: Food Giveaways, Senior Care Packages, Workshops (Homeownership, Voting Rights, Financial Literacy, Parent), neighborhood cleanup, youth services (financial education, cultural excursions, and mentorship)

With the leadership of Dexter who brings the structure and Shamekei who brings the passion, WHT is primed for the future.